2016 Seminar Schedule

Educational gardening and landscape seminars are offered all show days and are presented by local and regional experts. We are excited to announce this year's featured speaker is Ciscoe Morris. Ciscoe is well known in the Pacific Northwest. He appears regularly on T.V. and radio; plus he writes for the Seattle Times. His book, Ask Ciscoe, was a best seller. When he is not speaking or writing, he is often gardening at his home in Northeast Seattle or off hosting a garden tour somewhere in the world. Thanks to those brussels sprouts he eats, he is even better looking in real life than on T.V.


We are pre-selling tickets to Ciscoe's presentation. The cost is $15 and includes show admission and guaranteed seating at his talk. Click here to purchase your ticket.

Everything's Going to Pot
In this seminar/slide show, Ciscoe Morris will share his secrets on how to create spectacular container plantings. He'll show you his favorite container plants and how to combine them to make designs that will even make socks roll up and down! You'll also learn plenty of practical tips regarding how to plant and care for your container design so that it will continue to thrive and look great all season.

2016 Seminar Schedule

Check back soon for a complete seminar schedule. All seminars are free with show admission except Ciscoe's presentation.


Friday, March 18




11:45 am

 Growing Amazing Tomatoes and Peppers

 Chris Owings, Zamzows

1:00 pm

 Tools for Extending the Growing Season  Eric Lear, Cedar Cold Frames

3:00 pm

 Everything's Going to Pot (fee to attend)  Ciscoe Morris


Saturday, March 19




11:00 am

 The Secret to Good Health for People, Plants & Animals is in the SOIL  Jim Zamzow, Zamzows

12:15 pm

 Attracting Pollinators to a Vegetable Garden  Daniel Murphy & Lisa Varie, Idaho Botanical Garden

1:30 pm

 Growing Berries  Dennis Fix, Farwest Landscape & Garden Center

2:45 pm

 Grow Your Own Greens: Sprouts, Microgreens, and Wheatgrass

 Kelli Tungate, North End Organic Nursery

4:00 pm

  Building Community is Right Up Our Alley (Alley Transformations)

  Linda and Devin Whittig


Sunday, March 20




  12:30 pm

 Organic Pest and Weed Control

 Lindsay Schramm, North End Organic Nursery

  1:45 pm

 Cool Plants for Hot Summers  Ann DeBolt, Idaho Botanical Garden

  3:00 pm

 Container Gardening  Ann Bates, Idaho Nursery & Landscape Association